naturally beautiful pre-op transsexual Jasmine Jewels

I am a very feminine and naturally beautiful pre-op transsexual, nearly 5'7" & 132lbs, 34C-26-36. Intelligent, witty and charming, I am an avid reader and reside just north of downtown Chicago. I use Pilates, cross-training and nutrition to mantain a feminine & athletic dancer's body with long toned legs, piercing green/blue eyes & baby soft ivory skin. Long brown hair frames my beautiful face and alluring smile!

I believe every moment in life is too precious to not experience at it's fullest.
With great sacrifice and tough loss come great rewards as I have learned that
being true to myself has been the greatest gift of life I've received. I believe
that although we may not have control over our fate, we certainly have control
over our own destiny. I believe anything in life you think will happen, will indeed
happen. Many people live their lives in the shadows of society and poof, it's
too late

From my earliest childhood memories, I grew up being referred to as the "dual-spirit. I completed my transition during my professional career, successfully sustaining executive level positions with several large corporations. Once my transition was complete, it was time to travel and play.

As a capable, non abused and eager business woman, I made a conscious choice to do consensual sex work and debut as an independent performer/provider in August of 2007. I have to tell you it has been quite an amazing journey thus far. Becoming a performer after 7 years of near celibacy and virtually one intimate experience with an unsuspecting guy, it took a couple of months for me to learn what I enjoyed most about being a provider...I have learned so much about sensuality, sexuality and the pleasures of giving and receiving to my men and although I feel I have mastered many talents, I have so much more to learn. I am inspired at the careers and lives of amazing women like Danielle Foxxx, my friend Xvaria Ownes and a host of others. I hope to someday be considered a great entertainer, model, provider, actress and overall great woman of the world as well

Despite the rampant intolerance and ignorance towards the Transgender community, I feel quite
empowered and free to live my life as intended. As I interact with a conforming society in everyday life, I feel blessed that I can walk quietly amongst them without their knowledge of my gender variance. I feel equally blessed to share the intimacy and sensuality I have and continue to experience with many of the men I've met over the past 10 months.Thank you all for how wonderful you've made me feel and the unconditional acceptance you have shared. Thank you for the intimacy you have shared behind closed doors

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