part time crossdresser from Washington State

Hi! I'm Delia, a part time crossdresser from Washington State. I've been dressing on and off since the age of 12, but have only recently had the courage to come "out" and share my more feminine side with others.

While working Trixies Houseboy we (Trixie and I) decided to do some crossdressing pictures. From time to time we would add a gallery. I found myself enjoying those pictures more and more, although some members didn't share my newfound enthusiasm. Thus the need for a "sister" site arose.

The idea of this site is something that I've secretly fantasized about for a long time. I've always had a quasi-fetish for feminine clothing and never feel more sexy than when I'm all dolled up for the camera. The original intent was nothing more than to provide a format for me to show off my pretty girly pictures on the web. The result has been a collection of erotic photos, videos, and even live shows for my members.
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